Sweet Tooth
Design & Concept - Choni Beigel

Art Direction - Liora Rosin

     As children we find ourselves fearing and hating the little moments in our day that are connected to maintaining a healthy body and mind, brushing your teeth, showering, taking your medication. but as we grow up into adulthood those pains evolve into pleasure. the likes that we stretch and await. finding that bittersweet moment.

     In the project I researched a highly peculiar human behaviour phenomenon that we all seem to have experienced, hiding chocolate from your children. (usually in the underwear drawer) everybody does it. so why? where does it start and end? exploring the world of hiding places, slowly trying to figure out the language behind this behaviour, I started thinking of the common traits found in the mind of someone who needs to hide something...

      This naturally led me into the medicine cabinet. a private place where everybody knows what the boundaries are.. how do we break them up? Where can we hide this mental crack? Playing on the thin line of mental stability and health the evolution from childhood into adulthood I try and play around with the thought.

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