King George Lamps

      It all began when as a third-year student at the Department of Industrial Design at Bezalel School of Arts in Jerusalem  I had to come up with an idea for a personal project assignment for Prof.Gluzman’s metalworking course.

Looking around my hometown for inspiration I had my Ureka! moment. When waiting to cross the road on my way home at a pedestrian crossing on King George Street where I live, I noticed the street sign above my head. Usually, we take our environment for granted but the Jerusalem street lights are so iconic that I did not have to look any further for inspiration. At the graduation exhibition pop-up shop where students are given the opportunity to try out their ideas and sell them to visitors.

The lamps became an Immediate hit. 

      After seeing the lamps sell so well in the Bezalel shop, I decided to take the idea further, and in order to get my business  up and running, I decided to open an online page featuring a brief description and a few pictures; also as an afterthought I quickly posted a picture and a link to the page on Facebook and BOOM!!

Barely an hour later, the lamps had received a staggering amount of attention with over 2,000 likes and a barrage of orders and questions from all around the world!
Since then the King George team has expanded so that these lamps can continue to bring Israel’s history and culture into your homes.

We look forward to creating your special lamp;

a unique gift with the light of the Promised land.

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