Plantobilo 1.0

Public Enviroment - mobile plant pot

(tram line}

As humans, we have a tendency to push out nature from our immediate surroundings, creating barriers from its conditions, placing the world under our terms of use.

  What would happen if we would decide to pull back nature from the outskirts of our lives and place them in our midst as equal partners?

A world where all life coexists with us Humans is the core of this project.

Visualizing this idea, I started by mobilizing the first inhabitants of this fine earth. I went ahead and gave the plants the wheel.

Plantobilo 2.0

Private enviroment - mobile plant pot


Naturally, once the found a place have into our public spaces, they now needed to find a way into our into the privacy of homes...plants



These mobile plant pots make themselves seen spinning into our line of sight when we need to be reminded that taking a fresh breath of air from time to time, is the way to a healthier life.

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