Synth ring
Design & Concept - Choni Beigel

Art direction - Hadar Shapira

      Many musicians find themselves tapping and banging on their surroundings wondering how they can create a versatile array of different sounds and beats. 


This ring and band are a portable sound recording system .they allow the user to sample his surroundings categorize them into folders and play them back in a natural setting.


The system allows the user to map out the instrument on his desk or playing band.

enabling natural physical feedback and eliminating the button platform (keyboard and controllers) 

      Go out and record your life, and when ready make some music with your recordings.

Simply place the ring on the table, choose your recording icons colour and size.

Then simply Tap on the designated area and assign a place you would like to hear your sounds from when tapped.


 Tapping the table automatically saves the position and choice of your sounds, fusing the actual sound of the table and reassigning a new sound with your recordings to that table


  Once you have designated all your playing platforms, tap away on your new virtual keyboard in the physical world.

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