Hello & Welcome

My name is Choni. 


My fields of interest and creation are in Product design and Management, UI & UX, Idea and material development, art direction and sculpture.

In my work, I try to combine the latest man-made tech with the oldest of natures rules, so that new and unique designs & products can be created now, for today, best suited for tomorrow.






Let me show you some of my work





Breathing Ceramics

Ecological Air Purification System 

    - Thesis Project -

King George Lamps

Welcoming Israel's History Into Our Homes

Healables Inc . 





- 2nd Place Wearables Competition Herzelia Medtech

Wearable Pain Relief device for athletes

Sweet Tooth

Alternative Hiding Places for Household Treasures

Synth Ring

 Urban Audio Sampling


Vegetation Vehicles

- Creating a Greener life - 

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